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Giving Back

Where the broken find

Dogwood Ranch is a non-profit organization located in Ozark Missouri. It is a place where the slogan, Where the Broken Find Redemption , is not just a play on words but a way of life. It is a place where orphans and foster kids can call home and become part of family for life. I know this to be true because I too have become part of the Dogwood family.
I had the honor to work with Dogwood Ranch for 2 years and had a front row view into the inner workings of the ranch. I witnessed a home of second chances, deep love and hearty laughs. I witnessed broken hearts mended by the nuzzling touch of a horse. I saw deep wounds slowly healed through consistent patience, grace and understanding. I saw children learning responsibility out on the ranch. And I regularly witnessed kids tasting freedom as they rode horses through the fields.

I'm convinced God has given this family the ability to reflect his deep love for these kids in a tangible way. And I'm convinced you and I can continue to be a part of this legacy. In an effort to actively support Dogwood Ranch I am offering 10 free images, yours to own, to anyone willing to donate to Dogwood Ranch. Donate $1 or donate $1,000. Whatever you give will get you 10 extra images from me! Let's help Dogwood continue to changes lives. If you would like to donate and learn more please check out their site.

P.S. If you donate 1,000 we'll talk!

Sometimes in life you meet people with passion and dreams. Sometimes you are blessed enough to meet people with passion, dreams and the grit to throw caution to the wind and make their dreams a reality. In the summer of 2007 I was fortunate enough to meet an entire family with this kind of contagious passion. They are the Dogwood family and their living dream is one that is near and dear to my heart.

Michelle Coppini | 501 438-1682