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Meet me

Hi, my name is Michelle Coppini and I am the face behind the lens here at Remnant photography. Before I tell you a bit about me I wanted to give you a little history behind the name, "Remnant".
The definition of "Remnant" is: a remaining or a trace. That sums up what I love about photography. I love capturing authentic traces of people. A deep hearty laugh. Stunning, natural beauty that seeps out from inside. A real smile. Not the fake one you give when your mom asks you to say cheese, but the deep smile that comes out when you are truly happy. I want to capture these traces of who you really are.

Now, about me ;-). Actually, the above speaks volumes to who I am. A big part of what drives me is to know and love people: deeply, authentically and honestly. Photographing you is just an added bonus. Also, you must know that I have a slight obsession with coffee, traveling, dogs, journaling and good Italian food.
I give all the glory to God for allowing me to capture His beauty as a career and I hope that my work will leave you with pieces of art that beautifully display Remnants of who you are.

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